A module provides variety of features for apache such as security, perl and php support etc.
To configure apache for additional modules you need to add LoadModule directive in httpd.conf
or modules.conf file.Let us assume you have downloaded the module called mymodule.c and you
would like to compile and use this module, then you can use Apache apxs utility to compile
and install this module:
Build and install a third-party Apache module, say mod_foo.c, into its own DSO mod_foo.so
outside of the Apache source tree using apxs:

# apxs -c mymodule.c
# apxs -i -a -n mymodule mymodule.la

Then open your httpd.conf file and add mymodule using top LoadModule Directive:

# vi httpd.conf
Append following line to server config context
LoadModule mymodule /usr/lib/httpd/modules/mymodule.so

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