Migrating Existing cPanel Domains to Virtualmin
Step1: Making the cPanel Backup
To migrate all services from a cPanel server to a Virtualmin server, you’ll need a full backup. To generate a full backup in cPanel, click on the Backup icon, and then click the Generate/Download a Full Backup link.
Fill in the form, and click *Generate Backup*. Wait until you receive confirmation that the backup has completed, and then copy the file to your Virtualmin server.

Step2: Copying the cPanel Backup to Your Virtualmin Server

scp backup.tar.gz root@virtualmin.server.com:/root

Which will then prompt for your root password on the destination server.

Step3: Using the Migration Form
Once you have the backup available on the Virtualmin server, you can then browse to the Migrate Virtual Server form by clicking on the Add Virtual Servers menu to expand it, and then clicking the Migrate Virtual Server link.

Fill in the form, selecting either to upload your backup file, or select the path to the file on your server.

Select a Backup file type of cPanel

Fill in the Domain name to migrate. This should match the domain you’ve backed up on the cPanel server.

Fill in Username for domain. This can be any valid username, but for ease of use, you may wish to use the same name used under cPanel. Virtualmin has fewer restrictions on usernames than cPanel (it allows long usernames for example, so I could name our user virtualmin rather than virtualm).

Choose a Password for administrator.

The remaining options can be left to their defaults.


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